Mission Statement

Provide excellence in multidisciplinary primary health care assessment, diagnosis, treatment, pain management and prevention through the integration of technology, intellectual property and rehabilitative science.

About Us

Through Novo Healthnet Limited ("NHL"), our wholly owned Canadian subsidiary, our clinicians and practitioners deliver certain multidisciplinary primary health care services, and related products, beyond the medical doctor first level contact identified as primary care, through our 16 corporate-owned clinics and a contracted network of 103 affiliate clinics and 226 eldercare centric homes located across Canada. . Our clinicians and practitioners are not licensed medical doctors, physicians, specialist, nurses or nurse practitioners. Our clinicians and practitioners are not authorized to practice primary care medicine and they are not medically licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical based product solutions. Our team of practitioners and staff are trained for assessment, diagnosis, treatment, pain management, rehabilitation and primary prevention.

Our specialized multidisciplinary primary health care services include physiotherapy, chiropractic care, manual/manipulative therapy, occupational therapy, eldercare, massage therapy (including pre- and post-partum), acupuncture and functional dry needling, chiropody, stroke and traumatic brain injury/neurological rehabilitation, kinesiology, vestibular therapy, concussion management and baseline testing, trauma sensitive yoga and meditation for concussion-acquired brain injury and occupational stress-PTSD, women's pelvic health programs, sports medicine therapy, assistive devices, fall prevention education, sports team conditioning programs including event and game coverage, and private personal training.

Certain of the specialty treatment and recovery programs we offer derive from motor vehicle accident injuries, long-term disability cases, corporate wellness, and job-site injuries approved for treatment by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. In addition, we offer specialized treatments and products that include cold laser therapeutics, shockwave therapy, custom bracing and orthotics, custom compression therapy/stockings and lymphatic drainage treatment.

As we continue to build our health science and medical technology platform of services and products through the integration of technology and rehabilitative science, one component of our lateral business growth strategy includes developing business units centered on the direct control of the grow, extraction, manufacturing and distribution processes for hemp and medical cannabidiol products. Additionally, we continue to expand on our patient care philosophy of maintaining an on-going continuous connection with our patient community, beyond the traditional confines of a clinic, by extending oversight of patient diagnosis, care and monitoring, directly into the patient's home, through remote patient monitoring and mobile telemedicine and diagnostic tools.

Business Growth Strategy

Key elements of our business growth strategy include:

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